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Safe Horizons

At the beginning of 2023, an ambitious exhibition of contemporary ceramics from the Baltic States "Safe Horizons" was on view in South Korea. In the exhibition at the Kyongido Museum of Ceramic Design, the works of seventy-five artists from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are displayed on an area of seven hundred square meters, touching on current problems in the world through the medium of ceramics. With the support of the Baltic Culture Foundation and the embassies of the Baltic countries, the project is implemented by the Latvian Contemporary Ceramics Center in cooperation with the Korean Ceramics Foundation, the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center, the Lithuanian Artists' Union and the Estonian Ceramics Association.

The ambitious exhibition of Baltic contemporary ceramics in South Korea is a unique cultural event that contributed to the cultural cooperation of the three Baltic countries and their international recognition. The broader goal of the initiative was to further develop the contemporary ceramics industry in the Baltics, implementing cooperation between artists, curators and institutions in the Baltic States and Korea, while building common foundations for further cooperation in art, culture and other fields.

The exhibition at the Gyeongido Museum of Ceramic Design was open until February 19, 2023.

Lecture on porcelain production in Riga

On Friday, September 23, Iliana Veinberga, art historian, researcher of design history and director of the Riga Porcelain Museum, visited the ceramics department of RDMV with a wonderful lecture about porcelain production in Riga. Thanks to students and teachers, interested parties who found time for the lecture, their interest and the lecturer's professionalism. Really appreciate it!

There was also an opportunity to get acquainted with the books that tell about the porcelain factory, its artists, to hold ancient Kuznetsov porcelain and dishes produced in the factory in the 60s.

Now the task for the 3rd and 4th year - their offer for decals for the dishes produced in the factory,

The event is implemented by the Latvian Ceramics Association with the support of VKKF.

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"Latvian ceramic heritage - workshop "Baltars"

Latvian Ceramics Association, with the support of VKKF, implements an educational program in ceramics, which includes both lectures open to the general public and practical classes in creative workshops for school students.

On Thursday, October 20, in the new building of LMMDV, an open lecture was held for all interested parties "Latvian ceramic heritage - workshop "Baltars"". The lecture included information about "Baltar", the artists who created the workshop, the importance of "Baltar" in our culture. Lecturer Inese Pētersone, LKA.

In order to make the educational event at the Liepāja Music, Art and Design High School about the "Baltara" workshop more complete and visible, the lecture was supplemented by an already opened exhibition - porcelain paintings by students of the ceramics department of the Riga Design and Art High School - copies of plates from the "Baltara" workshop.

The exhibition is located in the lobby of the new building - every visitor is welcomed by the works displayed in the showcases. Thanks to RDMV for the opportunity to hold such an exhibition and LMMDV for the exposure!

In conclusion, 21.10. - the creative workshop, which was also a master class of Dace Blumas (LKA), ceramist, main artist and technologist of "Dekolservis", excellent porcelain painter, on the use of decals in decorating porcelain dishes. Thematically, the master class is related to the theme of "Baltara" - the students created their own compositions for plate painting, influenced by the works of "Baltara" artists.

Thank you to everyone who participated, helped and organized, thank you for supporting VKKF.

Especially - to the ceramics department of PIKC LMMDV and its head Vineta Trumpeniec. A wonderful school with a clear vision of the future, a confidently working ceramics department, which has finally returned to Alejas Street to stay together with other school departments.

Meeting of members and potential members of the Latvian Ceramics Association in the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia

18.08. We opened the ceramic exhibition "Runa ar mani!" in the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw.

The work of all twenty authors can be viewed in front of the Palm House in Riga. Good works, wonderful place and atmosphere.

However, this was only one of the reasons for the meeting. It was also an opportunity for any ceramist to learn more about us, find out how to join the association, what are the future plans of LKA, and what has already been done.

The meeting was very successful. I had not seen so many smiling and happy people together for a long time! And it looks like the association has gained several new members!


Photo of LKA members