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Bravo, Inese!

"Bravo, Ines!" Christine Brückner

"Wonderful, like a miraculous treasure chest, Inese Brants exhibition "Dimensions of Time" in the Daugavpils fortress in the Rothko Museum". Liene Urtāne

“Great exhibition at the Rothko Museum. Inese Brants "Dimensions of Time". Sophisticated and perfect.”

Dace Bloom

"A truly amazing, rich and luxurious exhibition!" Inese Line

"Gorgeous, bold and convincing!!" Ginta Elksne

"A master does not fall from the sky is all the experience and skill accumulated in the work of his life so far...

So beautiful...Hats off! I am happy and proud, Inese!" Anna Metra

These are just a few reviews of the exhibition by both viewers and professional ceramicists.

The exhibition is shocking – sumptuous, gorgeous, rich, delicate and extremely professional. The scope is unfathomable.

A legitimate summary of what the artist has done so far.

Talent, professionalism, perfect management of material and technique, sense of style and color create a fantastic overall picture of the exhibition. Inese Brants has spoiled us - personal exhibitions in the Riga Porcelain Museum, Dauderos, Daugavpils, Alūksne, Dobele, Gulbene, Liepāja - not to mention all, group exhibitions and participation in symposia in Latvia and abroad. All of them have always been an event, a surprise and a novelty for the viewer, but "Dimensions of Time" truly transcends time!

Words do not really say anything - the exhibition must be seen! You can definitely make it until August 25.

We are proud of our colleague!

Photo: Dace Bluma, Liene Urtāne

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