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Everyone to the "Meeting" in Cēsis!

From June 7 to July 7, Vita Valdmanes ceramic exhibition "Gathering" can be viewed at the Cēsi Exhibition House.

In the annotation of Vita Valdmanes exhibition "Gathering" it is written that birds are messengers of the gods, they provide a link between heaven and earth.

It is not quite clear where - in heaven or on earth, and who really - god or devil - is hidden in the fine details of the works, but one thing is clear - the artist manages them perfectly! A master of delicate forms, excellent textures, in whose works every smallest detail, texture element has unusual lightness and importance in the overall picture.

Imagination, professional craftsmanship, love and a sense of humor - this could be the brief description of Vita Valdmanes' works.

Art scholar Baiba Eglīte says about the creative work of Vita Valdmanes: "Birds, insects, amphibians, mushrooms... The natural life that speaks without words is the realm of Vita's art. We may not like a flea, a tick or a spider, but each creature has its place and task in the great chain of life. All surrounding nature - any creature - is actually an interconnected information field. In this natural relationship, man is far from being superior to the smallest creature, even though he has forgotten the natural relationship."

See you in Cēsis!

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