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The most anticipated event of the year at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia

The big craft fair at the Open Air Museum has come to an end. It is a holiday for both artisans, artists, designers, and visitors. Also for ceramicists - probably there is no one else

of an event where so many ceramicists with all their works in one place.

You probably can't say better than the feelings of the participants of the ceramic studio "Maali": "Porcelain illuminated by the evening sun is a great symbol of the beauty of persistent and hard work for the result.

Huge thanks from the bottom of my heart to the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum team for take care and enjoy the two-day celebration! Your great work has borne beautiful fruits. A huge thank you to our beloved fans - your pent-up energy will be enough for us for a long time!

So great to see you live! Talk, laugh, find out how our porcelain and stone mass "children". Thank you for your purchases! It is also part of your hard work, which

dedicate to beauty in your life.

Thanks to all colleagues - artisans, artists, masters for the indescribable a treat for the eyes and soul! The heart rejoices at how rich we are! It's a pleasure to meet you master himself, talk! So alive and sonorous to hear Liepājas, Balva, Rēzekne and more and more tongues!

Excited, pleased and grateful, we start preparing and waiting for the Fair at the Open Air Museum 2025!”

Photo by Inese Pētersone

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